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Website Basics (Getting Started)

Creating a new website is not a complicated process once you break it into its three main parts.
We can take care of each of these steps for you. Whether we take care of all of them or you take care of some of them. You can't skip any. Here's a short outline of each step.

  • Website name (we call this the domain name)

    this is the name we type into the website address box ie "".
    Its best to choose a simple easy to remember name that distinctly identifies your organization with the name. You obtain a web name through an organization called a registrar. Typically the process involves searching for a possible name to see if it is already in use then reserving the name for a period of time. The name is never really purchased but is reserved for your use over the time period.

  • Designing and producing the website pages (the part you want to look at)
    Your website pages should deliver clear useful information.
    This is your opportunity to make a first impression. That means to produce a tasteful design which highlights your organization in its best possible light. Decide what kind of website you want to create first and foremost. Some common examples are.
    • News site a type of online magazine or newspaper.
    • An online store selling products you have available.
    • A repository of information retrievable by the visitor.

    Each of these requires a unique layout or feel to enhance the vistors experience. We start the process by consulting with you and discussing the various possibilities. We get a feel for your color and style preferences before proceeding to develop a preliminary static layout (a picture of what it could look like). After we have agreed on a final direction we proceed to develop the website pages. The pages are created by using various website programming languages to give your website content, style, and actions. This is the step that requires the most work but its important to arrive at a design that is both esthetically pleasing and functional. Some of the key areas we will focus on will be.
    • The page communicates the message that you intend to send.
    • The page will have its best possible position on search engine pages ie. Google, Bing.
    • It looks good.

    Once complete all these files(pages) are moved to the final step webhosting.

  • Hosting the website on the internet.
    This is the process of storing your website pages on a server which is available to the internet.
    The server is a special kind of computer program that listens to the internet and waits for some other computer to ask to see your website page. After the web pages have been programmed we transfer these pages(files) to the server. The server is connected to the internet and allows visitors to load the pages(files) into the browsers. Your website name from step one is the locations (address) where the files are stored. Many people ask if they can use their home internet connection to host their website. The short answer is no. Your home internet connection and your home computer are set up to receive the pages. What you need to have is the ability to give the pages. A web hosting provider provides this service.
    Some of the services provided by a web hosting provider are.
    • Storage and serving of your website pages.
    • Email accounts to your domain name ie."someone"@"".
    • Statistics indicating how many visits(hits) your website receives.
    • Online storage.
    When you have reached this stage your website should be up and running for everyone to see.

Stay tuned for our next article. Optimizing your website.